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Repeat order of Waterproof cases from Japan

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The customer sent us an inquiry of 4,500pcs Waterproof Phone Pouch in May , 2015 , and thought of packing with a printed paper leaf inside of the waterproof cases and put  in a blister box .

But , customer was not able to provide the CAD design of the blister box .  Also , the artwork of leaf customer provided is not ok for printing due to some problem in the artwork . 

Therefore, we design and make CAD layout of the blister box for customer at our side, and modify the artwork of paper leaf many times according to customer’s requirement .  Finally , the artwork is done ok for sampling .

However, new problem is coming after pre-production samples has been confirmed , customer needs the goods very urgently for marketing test . As too much time has been spent on the artwork at the beginning , we’re not able to finish the goods within customer’s required delivery date.

After immediately communicated with customer by Skype and telephone several times, customer agree to ship partially .

To support customer’s marketing activity of this product, we arrange the factory workers to work overtime in order to rush the production of this order  . Finally, we ship the first and balance shipments on time.


The customer is very satisfied with our service and quality after receiving the below first shipment of these Waterproof phone pouches .  So , they place 10,000pcs of repeat order to us immediately before receiving the balance shipment of first order . 


We’re committed to serve customer solving any problem whatever we can . 

Customer’s satisfaction is our great pursuit !