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Main features of Agomax Waterproof pouch

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1. Agomax Waterproof bag can be used when you’re swimming, rafting and diving and other outdoor activities within 5-10 meters deep 100% waterproof, submersible answer the phone or camera, and can drift water. It can be used for diving enthusiasts, field workers and rafting enthusiasts.

2. There is substantially no difference between pictures taken inside or outside of Agomax Waterproof case , 100% completely sealed. Because fully enclosed, moisture, dust, mud, sand, snow, oil, it can not harm the camera. In the protective cover can be directly manipulated inside the Waterproof pouch.

3. Waterproof and dustproof seal, both south, north, desert, mountains and streams, swimming beach, can provide reliable protection for mobile phones, digital cameras, digital cameras make from the wind, frost, rain, snow, dust, spray, hazard vapor heat, perspiration and the like.