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You may have more fun playing iPad with a waterproof bag

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Water is the natural enemy of electronic digital equipment, so skiing, surfing, swimming, etc. these with water related sports became off limits to the iPad. As an electronic control, if you can not enjoy the sunshine, beach, sea water with IPAD, enjoy the fun of the beach will have a trace of regret. So how can you solve this problem? Can only give IPad a waterproof bag. But market iPad waterproof case although a wide variety of, but can do to the beloved iPad watertight protection is debatable.


Waterproof pouch really can do "leak" protection? Please don't doubt. Because the waterproof bag using ABS, PVC material manufacturing, the material itself is the best performance of the security barrier. And to further determine its waterproof properties, the designers also on the waterproof bag for the strict IPx8 waterproof experiments, the sample are completely immersed in the water to test products waterproof performance, ultimately determine the waterproof effect can reach the highest water resistant to 10 meters deep. At the same time, in order to facilitate you in the water can also be free to use the IPad, designers use transparent window design, to facilitate you to browse the web page; and let you in the water can also enjoy the fun of IPad.