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When & Where & Why you need a waterproof pouch

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Here are some general reasons why you might need a Waterproof Pouch :

   >   For waterside photography

   >   To protect your phone from occasional spills

   >   To take your phone to beach or any outdoor activity

   >   To use your phone while swimming, surfing or doing any recreational activity

   >   To protect your phone from occasional drizzle, snow or dust

   >   To protect your phone from scratches and accidental drops

   >   While working out or during physical training exercises like cycling, jogging, etc.


Generally speaking , waterproof case could be your good mates when you are :

Outdoor Sports 
   >   Running
   >   Cycling
   >   Climbing ,mountaineering
   >   Hiking
   >   Skiing
   >   Horsing
   >   Golfing

Waterside Activities 
   >   Swimming 
   >   Surfing
   >   Sailing
   >   Playing at waterpark 
   >   Drifting
   >   Diving 
   >   Fishing
   >   Boating
   >   Kayaking
   >   Taking a bath in bathtub or jacuzzi
   >   Relaxing in hot spring or spa or sauna

Outdoor Jobs
   >   Gardening
   >   Farming and ruring work
   >   Washing car
   >   Site operation
   >   Building house
   >   Traffic warden commanding
   >   Outdoor vending

Adventure & Field Operation
   >   Forest adventure
   >   Spelunker
   >   CS field operation

Special Festivals & Events
   >   Water splashing festival  ( Thai Songkran )
   >   Marathon
   >   Cycling Marathon
   >   Walking race

Special Occupation
   >   Vehicle maintenance
   >   Plumber
   >   Animal keepers, Zooman, Breeder

   >   Camping
   >   Skating
   >   Gym
   >   Cooking in kitchen
   >   Eating hot pot 
   >   Barbecue  (BBQ)
   >   Doing the laundry 
   >   Using electric self-balancing scooters
   >   Taking photo in raining day and snowing day
   >   Playing in the snow, building snowmen, having snowball fights, sledging or snowboarding 

So , you see , you will need a real waterproof case if you are a traveler, a swimmer, an outdoor worker, an adventure junkie, an waterside photographer, or just a concerned smartphone user. 

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