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Waterproof phone pouch save 3 fisherman’s lives

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Acccording to Taiwan, "Central News Agency" reports, Miaoli County, Taiwan 29, a rubber raft along the coast in Long after the job, because fishing nets stuck engine result capsized, three people cling rubber raft out into the sea and take out the mobile phone from the waterproof phone case for help to save their lives.


Taiwan, "Coast Guard" represents third two Anxun Battalion 29 at 11 am and received a telegram Long coastal fishing vessels have capsized, three fishermen at sea to be aid, immediately dispatched rescue dinghy, near Long after Cape Paradise sea captain surnamed Du and found two fishermen sitting on Chen has overturned rubber raft, then the three people carrier back to shore.


Duxing captain pointed out that under the job when the network is due to fishing nets entangled engine, rear rubber raft lost power, burst waves called suddenly capsized, three people quickly grasp the plastic raft, trying to help and struggling to climb.


Among them, Chen fishermen carry mobile phones in the waterproof phone pouch, but also to find out the phone dial, call first to ask other every description of watercraft back to Port assist fishermen request forwarded to Coast Guard rescue units. Fisherman surnamed Chen said, "Fortunately, there are waterproof, the phone did not get wet."


Other villagers and fishermen into the sea had families waiting anxiously on the shore and saw the fishermen's safe return was relieved as he says "Mom bless", thanks to the waterproof pouch !