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Waterproof phone pouch- you must need when outdoors

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Do all known, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is not waterproof, and ccasionally fell into the water might not look so what's the problem, but in the water a long time will definitely Xiecai.

But foreign media reports, iPhone 6 Plus in a bubble for a long time after the sea, had been able to work, why?

The way it is, a tourist at the beach to play, accidentally put his iPhone 6 Plus with waterproof case fell into the water, then it sank to the seabed, could not find.

Subsequently, the remote user will be lost this iPhone open mode, and re-buy a mobile phone. I did not expect that, 54 days later, he received notice, someone found his iPhone.

Find the iPhone is a pair of husband and wife, they found this iPhone at Monterey Bay diving activities, and return it to its owner.

Owner recalled that he had put this on the iPhone 6 into a waterproof case, this guarantees its security. Otherwise, the sea has long been broken blisters.

Do remember to put your phone into a waterproof phone pouch.