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Waterproof phone pouch- you must need when having shower or cooking

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Previously, we’re troubled by one problem: when we’re in the bathroom or kitchen, it is not convenient to carry a cell phone , it’s caused that we missed a lot of call. For many business people, we actually missed the business chances.

Here we’re glad to tell you that you won’t be troubled by this problem now, because we've designed a waterproof phone pouch which is specialized for being used in the bathroom and kitchen. This kind of Waterproof pouch comes with a hole with plastic eyelet , convenient for hanging on the wall of bathroom or kitchen , so that people will not miss any phone call even if having shower or cooking. Also great for beach, boating, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, or any outdoor water activities

So we guess the new Waterproof phone case must be popular especially for business people.