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Carry your iPhone, iPod or other media device with you to the beach or on your next water excursion when you use the Agomax Floatable Waterproof Phone Case. With an easy to use top seal closure system, this device case keeps water off of your personal items so you can take them with you during your favorite water sports! This case floats on the water's surface and is designed to submerge for up to one hour.

Best use: water sports and outdoors activities

Floats on the water's surface

Designed for submersion of 10m for up to one hour

Secure seal closure system keeps water out

Opens at the top

To close, secure the top seal and anchor brackets to center posts and fully turn to the 'C' direction

To open, shift the brackets to the 'O' direction and separate top seal

Fits iPhone 6/5s/5c/4/4s, iPod and other devices with most protective cases measuring 

Includes lanyard