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Waterproof bag may play an important role in traffic policemen’s duty days.

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When we go to work every day or go to other city for traveling during holidays, we may always see some traffic policemen/ policewomen stand in middle of the road to instruct vehicles to go in order. Since the policeman/ policewomen stay outdoor, they are unable to avoid the dusty air or raining full day’s long.

If the policemen/ policewomen carry a mobile phone, they always have to worry if the cell phone being affected by sweat in hot weather or damaged by raining water or snow. I think of our waterproof bag immediately, since it can prevent the valued mobile phone from dirt/ sweat/ rain water and snow. The waterproof case is very simple and cheap, and the use of waterproof pouch is very easy too, it can really play an important role in traffic policemen’s life .