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Waterproof bag is good accessory for outdoor activity on Labor Day holiday

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Labor Day holiday is upcoming, drifting, children's water park, sea swimming, bubble hot spring...... Various water tourism program is the highlight, it’s the biggest regret if had phone locked in the cupboard, not on the network, and can ‘t make phone call, the most upset is not able to take photos. In particular, the diving project, if you do not have your own shooting equipment, you can only spend a large amount of money to ask the divers for help. However, if you are ready to go out with a waterproof phone case, then, all this is not a regret.

Waterproof bag can completely seal inside the phone, both front and back sides of the transparent film is highly rub resistance, good touch, it will not reduce the phone's communication signals, it does not affect your game in the water, brush WeChat. More intimate is that each of the waterproof pouch is equipped with an arm band or hand rope, so people do not have to worry about the phone being washed away during swimming, surfing.