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Take a waterproof bag if you go to join the water-sprinkling festival.

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There are many minority nationalities in China, lots of them have various different funny custom really like “The Water-Sprinkling Festival of the Dai and some other minority nationalities” . Dai people enjoy this festival , prepare a tray or bucket to celebrate , and they always get wet immediately when playing the games .

Now, the theme parks like to absorb travelers and hold the Water-sprinkling festival too . If you like to experience this funny game, I highly suggest you to take a waterproof bag and poncho with you in order to avoid your body and your mobile phone getting wet.

Our waterproof case is very good to prevent small objects from water, since it has a fixed and safe closure, you may put the waterproof pouch on your neck with a lanyard or armband, it’s so cool and fashion.