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Overboard Phone Case - Waterproof, Small

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Hate the feeling of being worried about your phone on the boat? Keeping track of it can be difficult, especially when you’ve got that beautiful fishing environment taking up most of your attention. If a waterproof phone case is what you’re after, we have the ideal product for any keen fisherman. This waterproof pouch creates an impenetrable seal around your phone, but better yet, the phone is still usable while in the case. Never worry if its accidently dropped in water.

Even if you’re in the middle of the deepest of seas, your phone will float. Take it under the water with you; the case is fully functioning even when submerged 6m under water - amazing. This case is for smaller sized phones, but it’s also available in a larger size if required.


Take the burden off of your mind, and concentrate on what it is that we love doing, and that’s catching fish.


>>>Phone still useable when sealed in case

>>>Will float if dropped in water

>>>Submersible to 6m