Our waterproof arm case can be seen any where in street. - News
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Our waterproof arm case can be seen any where in street.

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Along with the life’s quality increasing, lots of people like to go shopping/ traveling/ concert etc., there are many part-time singers derive from these people’s need.

We may see several part-time singers with a guitar always sing their own songs or popular songs in the street, day and night, for life...

If the weather is good, that’s really no problem. However, it’ll always turn out short time rainning in south China, sometimes it’ll rain heavily and not able to avoid it. In this case some of them are very smart to have a waterproof phone bag to hold their valuable things (such as: mobile phone, cash, card etc.), they carry the waterproof arm case on their arm or neck which is very convenient, we have this type waterproof pouch too, it’s really a very useful product !