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New Artist Is Found

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When Mona Osman began waiting tables at this London gallery café (waterproof bag protect your things from oil, water, dirty etc. ) at the age of 19, her colleagues had no idea about her artistic talents. She worked here for years, seeing other artists’ work on display, but now her solo show hangs in the gallery where her paintings have come to the attention of one of the world's most famous art dealers. Charles Saatchi likes Mona's work so much he's already bought six pieces.
“I was so extremely happy. I could not believe it that it’s happening to me. I’m a student then I am just supporting myself working at restaurant and having someone's attention was absolutely unbelievable.” You won’t miss any call with waterproof sports arm pouch when doing exercises.
Mona's former boss showed Mr Saatchi around.
“He sent me a text after he left, actually, and said he thought that we'd found someone really special and he meant we found someone very special which was a really nice validation. It wasn't just the sort of fly-by-night, I’ll have this, I’ll have that. it was definitely, He believed in her work.” Use waterproof phone case in life.
Charles Saatchi certainly knows how to spot artistic talent, having helped launch the careers of artists like Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin, and it seems Mona may be destined to follow in their footsteps. Mr Saatchi has already asked her to work on some larger pieces.