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Mobile Waterproof Bag- makes it's possible to play and photo shoot under the water

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Rafting, family water park, beach swimming, hot springs ...... a variety of water projects also travel in the main event, the phone can leave the body of the people, the biggest regret is that this time had to phone locked in the closet, both on not on the network, you can not phone, the most disturbing is also not shoot photos. Especially the diving program, if you do not own capture device, you can only spend a fortune to help divers photographed. However, if you're ready before the trip can be a waterproof phone bag , then I regret it all are gone.

Waterproof pouch can be completely sealed inside, high wear resistance on both sides of the transparent film, feel good, not only does not reduce the phone communication signals, does not affect the game you play in the water, brush micro letter. There are some high-quality special waterproof bag for camera parts adopt high transparency PVC material, so the phone close shot of bare-metal lens clarity, regardless of shooting for others, or self-timer will not cause significant flaws in the picture clarity, even the bottom of the sea can still shoot very clear. More intimate, each equipped with a waterproof bag or hand arm rope, swimming, surfing do not have to worry about the phone was washed away.