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How Britain left the EU impacts on China

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June 24 afternoon, the United Kingdom announced the final results for "off Europe" referendum: Britain left the EU. The referendum not only determine the fate of the EU as a whole, will bring a lot of impact on Britain and even China-EU relations.


China-EU trade cooperation will face a change in the situation .

Britain left the EU referendum once the decision has a population of 500 million this huge single market, the development of the British economy in the short term will be affected, it is almost certainly bound to continue the current decline in the pound continued to depreciate; and lost the second largest economy in the European Union will also be He suffered a "strength equivalent to the debt crisis," the financial shock.

Some analysts believe that the economic impact of the British off the European EU produce may affect China's exports, especially once the EU tend to adopt trade protectionist policies will affect bilateral trade.


Britain also vigorously promote China - EU Free Trade Agreement. If this total amount of funds billions of dollars in the successful conclusion of the agreement will bring huge Chinese trade orders, contributing to the overall open European market.

However, once off the British success in Europe, China by the British to strengthen the strategic cooperation plan with the EU will become difficult. Britain left the EU is tantamount to breaking the invisible indirect cooperative ties between China and the EU, so that China and the EU had to choose another step up cooperation in other ways, and the impact of pre-bedding of various trade policy is also likely to be greatly reduced, become high sunk costs.


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