Fans need a waterproof bag when chasing their stars/idols . - News
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Fans need a waterproof bag when chasing their stars/idols .

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More and more yong and old people love to chase different styles of star (basket / football / artist etc. ), especially there is big match or big show to be held in a city, you’ll see the crowded everywhere. And the fans usually take pictures with their cell phones and cameras in this type occasions .


Once in raining days, it’s not convenient for the fans to take an umbrella while taking picture for their stars really whenever at outdoor area, the waterproof bag can help them to prevent the valued mobile phone or camera from rain water. Since there is a long nylon cord with the waterproof case, they may carry it on the neck too when don’t use the phone/camera. So dear fans, remember to take a waterproof pouch with you next time when you chase your idols.