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Don’t purchase low-cost no guarantee of quality waterproof phone case

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"The last is to see when your friends go rafting with a waterproof phone bag, I feel very practical, so I bought a back." Ms. Liu said, "thought the phone with waterproof case, you can take picture when swimming  But I do not know why my phone finally get wet .”  


In this regard, we Agomax as a professional waterproof phone case factory recommended that consumers do not blindly pursue low-cost, choose no guarantee of quality "three noes" products. Before use, please also waterproof performance testing, do not worry people put their phones, but mounted on a napkin and other objects, test the performance of waterproof phone sets, and then with the mobile phone. In addition, release the phone, please waterproof phone sets aside a certain air, so that is equivalent to the phone put on life jackets, use, if not accidentally fall into the water, it will automatically float .