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AGOMAX waterproof pouch | waterproof pouch

Agomax 100% waterproof pouch takes the hassle out of sport – wondering where to keep phone, keys, money etc during activities.

With the pouch you can keep them on your person, fully protected from the elements. The waterproof pouch fits all smart phones – you can even take a call and use your screen through the pouch, sometimes its just handy to have the phone with you!

Never worry again about electronic car keys and fearing getting them wet, or hiding them in bushes – much safer to keep them with you.

The Agomax waterproof pouch comes with a handy lanyard which means you can hang it around your neck, under a wetsuit, lifejacket etc, and its lightweight so wont weigh you down. You’ve no need to worry about safety – the pouch has 3 air tight clip-stops, which then folds and Velcros closed, giving you 3 stages of protection. Don’t take a chance with your valuables again – much better to have them on you, 100% protected!